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It’s not time for shorts yet !

Although the days are thankfully sunny this week , it is not yet time for the Summer Uniform ! Children are only permitted to wear shorts and polos when they return after the first week in May.Reminder we are closed from the 3rd to the 7th of May inclusive.

Collection times for Easter Holidays

We close on Friday March 26th for our Easter Holidays. Dispersal times will be staggered as usual.ODDS : Class finishes at 11:50 for all odd classesEVENS: Class finishes at 12:10 for all even classesAs all the Infant classes in each divide are leaving at the same time as the older classes, we expec

Accord for 5th and 6th Classes

The proposed Accord talk for 5th and 6th scheduled for this Wednesday has been postponed due to covid Level 5 restrictions. The new date is April 29th.

Coaching Tips Week 5

Now that we are all back in school Colm has finished his series of coaching tips for training at home. This is the last one. Thanks Colm for helping us during lockdown.

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Watch Juliette, who is in Senior Infants in our school, on Virgin Media news celebrating Autism Awareness Day 2021.She gives a fantastic sign off to the news report! Well done Juliette!I met Juliette today, and she gave the best sign-off to a report I've ever seen. You'll also hear her sing in this

Autism Awareness Day 2021

World Autism Awareness Day is today the 2nd of April . This day is celebrated to spread kindness and autism awareness among the people. As there are various such children in the world who are suffering from autism. Those who are unaware autism is a disorder that impairs the ability to communicate

The Easter Bunny Visits Brigid’s

See the Junior Infants greet the Easter Bunny. He brought treats to everyone. Happy Easter !

Bridgie’s Travels…. Winners

Do you remember Bridgie’s travels during lockdown ? Bridgie was delighted with the response from all the boys and girls who sent her photos, drawings, emails and quiz answers. Her inbox was full everyday ! Yesterday Mr. Mac Cann announced the winners of the raffle .Congratulations to the winners p

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PT meetings by phone

Apr 26 - Apr 29

5th and 6th class Accord

Closed for one week

May 3 - May 7

June weekend. 2 days

Jun 7 - Jun 8