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Rooms for September 2021

Classrooms for the return to school on August 31st. Details of entrances, lines and times will follow once government guidelines are published

Book Lists September 2021.22

Booklist for September are available to download below.Junior InfantsSenior Infants1st Class2nd Class3rd Class4th Class5th Class6th Class

Summer Camp

Pre-School Summer Camp

FYI: The Tiny Tots Camp for children starting school this September will take place . Information will be sent to Parents next week.

Latest News

6th Class Graduation

6th Classes graduated today. We held two socially distanced ceremonies! Pupils listened to the wise words of Mr. Courtney and to speeches from their peers. They were presented with a graduation book and a special graduation pin.After the ceremony it was back to the class for a brunch of fresh orange

Teddy Bear’s picnic in Senior Infants

Senior Infants went on a picnic this morning and brought their teddys with them. They had a great time!

6th class picnic

6th class has a special day out today for a final Teddy Bear’s picnic.They brought the same teddies they had in Junior Infants to the picnic!

Touch Typing

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)Individuals who struggle with a learning difficulty can benefit from touch typing, particularly in the case of Dysgraphia which makes writing by hand painful. Students with Dyspraxia often have trouble with fine motor skills that can make holding a pen difficult and f

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