Information for New Parents

Read about transitioning to big school here Please bring your child to the sports hall at 9:30am on Thursday 29th august for registration before you take him/her to their classroom. Some older pupils will be on hand to show you the way to the classrooms.When you arrive at the classroom , please wait

Uniforms, Book Rental and Meds.

Uniforms will be delivered to our school on Wednesday 28th and we will distribute them to the classrooms so children can bring them home on the first day of term. We respectfully ask parents not to come to the office on Thursday 29th to enquire about uniforms as it is an extremely busy day for Ms. M

Aladdin Connect

How to download the AppHow to use the AppOur school is delighted to announce that we will shortly roll out the Aladdin Schools Connect System to parents/guardians of all children in our school.The school uses the Aladdin Schools software service for administrative purposes and the Ala

Back to School

School reopens on Thursday August 29th at 8:50 amJunior Infants Enrolment begins in the hall at 9:15 am .Calendar 2019/2020

Aladdin Connect

Latest News

A First Day Message from a Teacher

Back to School Payments.

We have two separate collections in September. the first is for September charges relating to each class. Junior and Senior Infant charges include their books and stationary. They do not receive a book list. From 3rd class up book rental is also included . Parents are welcome to pay these charges

Goodbye to our friends!

Goodbye to Indie and Paddy who are finishing in St Brigid’s today and moving to a new schools and a new adventure.They’ve been great friends to all in Junior Infants and we wish them well.

The Grandparents Tree

On Tuesday last we planted the Grandparents Tree. This was presented to the school by the Castleknock Grandparents Committee. The tree is really special as committee member, John Mc Cullen grafted three different species of apple onto it. These represent the three generations, Grandparent, parent an

Important Dates

New Junior Infants enrol at 9:15am

Re opening at 8:50 am

Full Day for Junior Infants

From 09:50 am to 02:30 pm

Halloween Closed

Oct 28 - Nov 1


At 01:00 pm

Christmas Closed

Dec 23 - Jan 3