School Closed Friday June 3rd

School Closure: Primary Language Curriculum Day – Sustained Support & WebinarsThe PLC (Primary Language Curriculum) for all four stages of primary school (junior infants to sixth class) was launched in September 2019.The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) in collaboration with the

Uniform Orders

Please download the form, print and return to the school. playment should be made via Aladdin Uniform Order Form 2022.23

Cake Sale Results

We want to say a huge thank you to all our pupils, parents and guardians (and some grannies as well ) for the tremendous effort everyone put into our first cake sale in nearly three years. Thank you for sending in so many cakes. We raised a staggering €3500 which is probably a new world record for

Latest News

Parachute egg drop Room 27

The children in 5th class Room 27 have been busy making parachutes this week while working on their STEM Egg drop activity. They have been investigating and experiementing about the the effects of air resistence and gravity on their parachute.First they dropped an egg on its own. Then they tried ou

Playground Orchestra Visits

We had a lovely day in school today. Draoícht Theatre had arranged for the PLAYground Orchestra to visit and perform for all the children. We had planned to hold the concert in the yard but unfortunately the conductor said the wind would make the music stands all blow away! Luckily we have a very bi

Mini-beast hunt 2nd class

The children in Room 12 had great fun on their mini-beast hunt last week. They saw ants, slugs, ladybugs, centipedes and spiders!

Communion Day May 14th

Congratulations to all the boys and girls in rooms 9 and 13 who made their First Communion yesterday. Thank you to their teachers Ms. McGann and Ms. Walsh who prepared them so well and to Fr. Denis for the lovely ceremony.