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Mid Term

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Mid Term

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A look at our in year in 4th class: Ms. McGann

A look at our year in 4th class: a photostory by Ms. McGanns’ class.

Medals Galore

Presentation of medals today to the 5th class Football and Camogie Teams . Congratulations everyone.

Attendance Awards

Well done to over 100 children who had 100% attendance this year….the best class for attendance was Mrs Stokes 2nd class with a total attendance of 4955 present ticks and only 112 absences. Thats a rate of 97.8% for the year. Incredible. The overall school rate was 95.9% a little bit down on la

Maths Trails in Senior Infants

Camp Out in Senior Infants

World Cup projects – 2nd class Ms. Harte

Take a look at some of the projects completed by the children in Ms. Harte’s 2nd class.

World Cup Projects 2nd class Ms. Stokes

Take a look at the fantastic projects on the different countries taking part in the World Cup completed by the children in Mrs. Stokes 2nd class.

Maths Trails in the sun!


Children are natural learners and have an inbuilt curiosity and an eagerness to know more about the world around them. Our aim is to ensure that your child’s experience of school will be such that he/she will come to value learning and will develop the ability to learn independently. However, childr

Preparing for School

Preparing your childInitially some children may find the experience of school quite daunting. To ensure that your child makes a smooth transition into school, it is important that he/she is as independent as possible – physically, emotionally and socially. If he/she can look after him/herself in the

School Routines

Starting school is an important milestone in the life of a child and indeed in the life of his/her parents/guardians. It is his/her first step into the wider world of the classroom and school and here at St. Brigid’s, we aim to make that first step as easy as possible. If a child’s first experience