Communion and Confirmation

Dates have now been confirmed for this year’s communion and confirmation.May 18th Mrs. Stokes and Ms. MurphyMay 25th Ms. Harte and Mr. HarrisonMay 30th Confirmation.All ceremonies commence at 11am.

Fit Club

The ever popular Fit Club returns this year for children in 2nd and 3rd classes. It runs on Mondays and begins Monday 15th of October. Children line up in the Junior Infants Yard at half two and at half three parents should collect children from the Sports Hall. Mr. O’ Donoghue has sent home forms t


Reminder. The AGM for the PTA takes place tonight in the hall at 8pm. Please come along to support out PTA and hear how they have spent the money they raised this year.

Shoe Box Appeal

Notes went home today about the Shoebox Appeal. It is always a HUGE success and is something the children love to do. This year we are giving parents plenty of advance notice and remember , if you don’t have a shoebox a ziploc bag is fine. Shoeboxes can be brought in anytime over the next few weeks.


The Annual General Meeting for the Parent Teacher Association is next Tuesday 9th October at 8pm.This has been moved from the original date of Wednesday 10th.We would love to see lots of parents there.

September Letter

Mr. Courtney has emailed a letter to all parents today. This letter addresses some issues which are of a concern to the school community. Please take a few moments to read it.Read the letter here

Thirsty Children

Our drinking fountains are not working at present so please ensure your child brings sufficient drinks to school each day. Some children arrive with empty bottles and we do not have the facilities to fill them.


We want to remind children and parents about the Uniform Policy. At present children are permitted to wear the Summer Uniform of shorts and polo shirt. After the mid term they will wear the full uniform and leather type shoes. Sports shoes are only allowed with the tracksuit.Uniform PolicyThe Unifor

Homework Club

Homework Club September 2018This term the Homework Club will run in Mr Lowery’s ClassroomIt will begin on Monday 3rd of September It runs until to Thursday 25th October TIME 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM MONDAY TO THURSDAY Forms with further details are available from the office orEmail: homeworkbrigids@gma

September Charges

Pleas click on the links to see the charges explained for each class. The eldes child in the family should pay the family Art and Craft payment if paying in cash.Junior InfantsSenior InfantsIst Class2nd Class3rd Class4th Class5th Class6th ClassPayments can be made online HERE

1st classes

Reminder: No wheelie bags for 1st classes due to safety concerns on the stairs.

Uniform Orders

All uniforms that we have received from the supplier have been placed in the classrooms. If your child’s uniform order is not correct please call to the office on Monday 3rd or email The office is very busy on the first and second days of term so we are unable to deal with unif

September Payments

Please note if you are not partaking in the new book rental scheme, please reduce your payment by E25 3RD – 6TH classes only. The underpayment payment will still show on your payment page as we will need to manually mark it paid in full.Junior InfantsSenior InfantsIst Class2nd Class3rd Class4th

Change to 2nd Class Book List

Apologies but there was an error on the 2nd class book list. The English book is called Combined Reader and Skills Book Starlight by Folens and NOT The Skills Book as stated on the list. We have ammended the list on the app and web site.

Last Day for the Magazine

This year the magazine has flown “off the shelves” and Ms. Fay tells us there is only one box left . Tomorrow is the very last day for sales . If you haven’t got your copy please send E8 in to school tomorrow. As they say . when it’s gone it’s gone……

Child Safeguarding Statement 2018

Our Safeguarding StatementSaint Brigid’s National School is a Primary National School, state-funded by the Department of Education and Skills. The school was established under the patronage of Archdiocese who defines the ethos of the school. We are based on Castleknock, Dublin 15. We provide primary

Summer Camp

Reminder The Junior Summer Camp is filling up fast . Please return forms as soon as possible to guarantee your child a place.

Report Cards

We have sent children’s reports home today Each child has received their report in a sealed envelope. Standardised test scores will be included from 1st – 6th Senior Infants will also receive a simpler report. The links below may give some guidance about the reports.

School Magazine

Preorders will be filled on Wednesday20th so if haven’t ordered and you want to receive the magazine on this day please return the pre order form tomorrow.

6th Class Cake Sale

6th class are running their annual cake sale on Friday of this week. Even though they will be busy baking we’d love a few extra cakes and buns from the other levels . The money raised will go to the Parish 3rd World Partnership. Thanks in advance for your support.

Uniform Sale

This year we intend holding a uniform sale on the morning of the Summer Holidays. We will have the plastic containers in the Sports Hall Foyer from Thursday 21st (this week). We would be grateful for donations of clean, good condition uniforms and tracksuits that you are finished with. Thank you