Debating Club

Written on 11/16/2018

Some members of Ms. Murray’s and Ms. O’Brien’s classes have been participating in a debating club these last few weeks. The club, run by Ms. Ní Fheargail, has been meeting at lunchtimes in the library . The members have completes activities to develop their debating skills. The improvement in these skills was easy to see this week, when the children debated against each other on the following motions

All children should have mobile phones.

Homework is unnecessary.

The children in the audience decided on the winning motion by showing either a red or green card, depending on which speakers has convinced them of their motion the most!

Well done to all the children involved for using their lunch break to work on a new skill.

Debating will continue next week for the children in Mr. O’ Loughlin’s and Ms. Murray’s classes.

Thank you to Ms. Ní Fhearghail for giving up her own lunch break to run this worthwhile club.