Digital Schools of Distinction

Written on 09/14/2017

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We are delighted to announce that St. Brigid’s has received a Digital Schools of Distinction Award!

Back in June, we received a visit from a Digital Schools validator who assessed the school’s use of technology for learning across a range of class levels. Representatives from infants up to sixth class demonstrated the ways in which we use technology in our school. Projects demonstrated include

  • digital art

  • digital storytelling

  • robotics

  • coding

  • Minecraft

  • Google classroom

  • interactive whiteboard use

  • school library use
  •  iPads and apps across a range of class levels.

The validator was hugely impressed with the exceptional use of technology across the school and stated in his report that “this school and its teachers, students and community lead the way for all other schools to follow”.

We are absolutely thrilled and are looking forward to the presentation of the Digital Schools of Distinction Award later this term.

” What was observed and experienced during this DSoD validation was nothing short of exemplary and I would especially like to thank the príomhoide, Mr Denis Courtney and Nicola Fay and all the teaching staff and students of the school for giving the validator a glimpse of what a superb and dedicated school is achieving in ICT when a clear vision is defined, managed and implemented on a daily basis. It was my absolute privilege and pleasure to feel totally inspired after my visit. “

Read the full  report here


I believe this school and the teachers, students and community lead the way for all other schools to follow”