What is the Board of Management ?

Primary schools have been governed by boards of management since 1975. The Education Act 1998 puts the system on a statutory basis and sets out the responsibilities of the boards. The composition of the board of management reflects an agreement between school patrons, national associations of parent

School Administration

Our school is a Catholic Primary School under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. Since 1975 schools have been governed by Boards of Management and the Chairperson is appointed by the Patron. The Board sits for a 4 year term after which a new board is appointed and community representatives

Other Support Staff 19.20

19.20 Support StaffIn addition to our teaching staff we have fourteen other support staff that we would not be able to manage without.Our School SecretaryMs. Abigail MooneyOur CaretakerMr. John IversOur HousekeeperMs. Katie KorpiusOur Special Needs AssistantsMs. Geraldine HealyMs. Margaret MoranMs.

Learning Support Teachers 19.20

Learning Support TeachersWe are very fortunate in our school to have a large and dedicated learning support team led by Mrs. Niamh Williams. Learning Support in our school is a mix of in class support, such as guided reading , maths recovery and team teaching and withdrawal of children in groups or

Class Teachers 2019/20

Class TeachersIn our school we have 32 class teachers. The school is laid out into four separate buildings with 8 classrooms in each one . The Infant Building is a single storey , the Junior and Middle Buildings are two story and the Senior Building is a three story . The Link Building is also a si