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Written on 11/05/2022
Mrs. Mac Donagh

Talk  for Adults on Dyslexia Supports

Wed, 9 November 2022

18:30 – 19:30 

This talk by the Dyslexia Association of Ireland will guide parents on what strategies and supports are available for children at school

This talk by the Dyslexia Association of Ireland will guide parents on what strategies and supports are available to assist their children at school . Fingal Libraries brings you this free talk under the Healthy Ireland Program.

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Level 1: An Introduction to 3D Printing 9 – 12 yr olds

Sat, 22 October 2022, 11:00 – 13:00

This workshop is for those who have not completed any 3D printing workshop with us before.

Participants who have completed this Level 1 workshop can then sign up for a Level 2 workshop for 3D printing.

This is a great workshop for those interested in prototyping and designing in 3D.

During the session you will learn about 3D printing innovation and how this technology is being used to change the world. You will also learn how to use TinkerCad to design your own piece to print.

Duration: 2 hrs

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Build a Star Dome 9 – 12 yr olds

Sat, 5 November 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 GMT

**participants must be 9 – 12 yrs old**

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in Space, the stars, electronics, and the fun parts of geometry problem solving.

During this session you will learn about basic electronics with an introduction to wiring and soldering, and the functions and uses of LEDs, Resistors, switches, and heat shrink. You’ll also learn about mapping 2D images onto 3D forms using projection, and how to make 3D objects from 2D shapes!

Combining all these skills, and most importantly an artistic flair, you’ll walk away with your very own Star Dome lantern, bring the night sky into your own home!

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Sarah Sparkles

Interactive storytelling with puppets, songs and rhyme from Sarah Sparkles. This will be a fun and entertaining story time that younger kids will especially love. Sarah is always a huge hit at Fingal Libraries and all around the country so don’t miss out!

 22nd Nov 11am-12

No booking required

Science Week Show: Journey to the Heart of the Cell

Fri, 18 November 2022

15:00 – 16:00 

Journey to the heart of the Cell’ is an interactive, entertaining science show suitable for children and young people aged 10+. Through drama, the show informs the audience about the biology of the cell, the concept of cell differentiation and the manipulation of cells in the laboratory.

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Weekly Storytime for children aged 4-8 years old

We are starting a new weekly Storytime for children aged 4-8 years old in Blanchardstown Library. Come along for some fun story time!

No booking required. This event is suitable for children aged 4-8 years old. Storytime will take place at 3pm every Thursday.

Christmas Arts and Crafts for 4-8 year olds

Come and join us in Blanchardstown Library for some festive fun!

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