Dates for the Sacraments

Written on 02/14/2022
Mrs. Mac Donagh

First Penance

  • Monday March 7th at 1p.m.  Ms. Mc Gann’s class
  • Tuesday  March 8th at 1p.m.  Ms. Corry’s class
  • Wednesday March 9th at 1p.m.  Ms. Walsh’s class
  • Thursday March 10th at 1p.m.  Ms. Mc Keown’s class

First Communion

  • Saturday May 14th at 11a.m. Ms. Mc Gann and Ms. Walsh’s classes
  • Saturday May 21st at 11 a.m. Ms. Corry and Ms. Mc Keown’s classes


  • Thursday June 16th  at 12noon  Ms. Ní Fhearghail and Mr. Lowery’s classes
  • Friday June 17th at 12 noon  Ms. Doyle and Mr. Lysaght’s classes