Graduation 2019

Written on 06/23/2019

As the school year gradually draws to a close, our thoughts are once again with our sixth class pupils who we hope are now ready to move on from St. Brigid’s and make the transition to secondary school.

Their last day in school will be on Wednesday, June 26th .

Earlier that day we will celebrate their graduation with their teachers at a special ceremony in school. This will be followed by a special sixth class mass in our parish church. The Mass will begin at 1.00 p.m. We hope that  their parents will be able to attend that mass. A special invitation to the mass will be issued to them by each pupil.

We also ask, if it is possible, that parents bring their child home from the church that day. It was these parents who began this journey, escorting their children to school and helping  them settle in on that first day. We feel that it should also be their privilege to round off their time in St. Brigid’s by collecting them from school on their last day here. Some children can find this time quite difficult and emotional and a parent’s presence and support can be a great source of comfort to them.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all these parents for your interest and support over the years while their child was in St. Brigid’s and we wish our graduation pupils  lots of success and happiness during the secondary school years and thereafter.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Courtney.