Full Uniforms please.

Written on 11/05/2018

It is now time for the full school uniform

We want to remind children and parents about the Uniform Policy .

The Uniform from 1st class onwards is:

  • Grey trousers / skirt /pinafore
  • Wine jumper or cardigan
  • Grey shirt
  • Black or grey tights or  black, grey or white socks
  • Black or brown leather type shoes
  • School tie

Junior and Senior Infants wear school tracksuits and white polo shirts.

Please Note:

In winter leather boots are allowed but ugg type canvas or suede boots are not

Hoodies are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn as an alternative to the school jumper or sweatshirt. 

For safety reasons scarves are not allowed in the yard.

No jewellery including bracelets – Girls can wear stud earrings

No make-up, nail varnish or hair dye.

Longer hair should be tied up.

Tracksuits are only worn on PE days unless attending lunch time running. During school term there may be an additional tracksuit day, when cricket, rugby or GAA is on. This is usually  for 6 to 8 weeks at a time. Children attending after school sport activities are expected to change into sports wear after school. 

Children who do not adhere to the uniform policy will receive a verbal and then a written warning .