Sports Day 1st – 6th

Written on ٠٦/٠٧/٢٠١٨

Parents are requested NOT to bring ice-creams for any children to the Sports. We know it is a kind gesture but it causes a lot of angst among other classes when they see some children licking away ! 

Here is a picture of the sections for tomorrow’s Sports Day . Each class is assigned a section where they complete all their races. Each class also is divided into 4 teams. Team points are awarded for 1st, 2nd 3rd  with bonus points also up for grabs! The team in each section with the most points will be declared the winners  of that section and will receive certificates in school.

Please give extra drinks and treats to your child  and don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat if  it is a sunny day.

Sports will start at 10 am and end at noon approximately. Children return to school with their teacher.

No child is permitted to leave the Sports Grounds. If  a parent needs to collect a child from the Sports this must be arranged with the teacher beforehand.