Close Contacts at School

Written on 05/21/2021

We want to clarify what is expected when your child has been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case where the contact was in made through school .

A. Day 1 is considered to be the first day after your child had contact with the confirmed case.  We currently have a  class closure and for these pupils, who already have been informed, day 1  was Saturday, May 15th 

As soon as you are told under the direction of the HSE, that your child is considered a close contact you should restrict your child’s movements AND take him/her for a test. If the result is negative your child should still continue to restrict his/her movements.

B. **** Ten days after you child was in contact with the confirmed case, you should take them for a SECOND TEST .

*** For the current cohort of children restricting their movements , this test should be done on Monday, May 24th. **

Once you receive a negative result your child can then return to school provided they have no symptoms.

C. If you do not have your child tested at day 10 they cannot return to school until 14 days have passed from the last day of contact with the confirmed case.

For the current cohort of children restricting their movements , that would be  Monday, May 31st .  The actual dates were given to us by the HSE this week.

In summary, restricting movements is for 14 days from the last contact or after receiving a negative test result taken ten days after the last contact.

This also applies to any pupils identified as close contacts in an after school setting.

Thank you all for your co operation and understanding.

Further information is here