Greener Christmasses ..

Written on 12/18/2019

This festive season we’re all more aware than ever of the need to reduce the amount of waste we create. Whether you have chosen to limit the number of presents you buy or you’re choosing to buy gifts with a sustainable ethos, it’s becoming more and more popular to choose carefully this Christmas. This past year Green-Schools has partnered with to encourage schools to use this new website to answer any waste-related queries they might have.

The MyWaste website is a great source of information related to reusing items, reducing waste and recycling responsibly, not just at Christmas but all year ’round. Ahead of the Christmas break it’s a great resource for schools to remind students about the need to reduce food waste and to be more mindful of where excess packaging and wrapping paper ends up at Christmas-time.

We like these sections of the MyWaste website: