Friday Round Up !

Written on 04/12/2019

It was a busy  half day in St. Brigid’s today.

The Debating Club all received their participation certificates from Ms Ní Fhearghail today. Although Ms. Ní Fhearghail teaches Junior Infants, she gives up her lunch time to teach debating skills to 4th class pupils. The ability to speak clearly and with confidence is a wonderful life skill for these children to develop and we are very grateful to Ms Ni Fhearghail for her interest and time .

Paddy ran on the relay time in the Athletics Ireland NATIONAL Finals last weekend and his team came second. What an achievement to be the second best relay team in the country. Well done Paddy!

These ladies from  3rd class all won prizes in last week’s Feis for  reciting their monologues so beautifully.

Half Marathon Runners

These pupils from 3rd succeeded in completing a half marathon ( yes over 21 km ) this year by running every day on the Church Green.They received lovely sports bags, with the school crest printed on them . They also were  lucky enough to get a  chocolate bunny each!  Thanks Mr. Lowery.

PS. There are other children very close to completing the half marathon after Easter

Storytime in Infants

Mr Courtney gave Ms Moriarty’s class a challenge of writing and illustrating a story that would be suitable for Infants. Today they completed their stories and presented them to the younger classes and guess what…the children loved hearing the stories and seeing the books!

Thank you to the bakers in 6th class who shared some of their delicious cakes today.