Penguin Adoptions

Written on 02/26/2019

The pupils in Mr. O’ Loughlin’s  4th class love penguins. They know lots about them. They are worried about them becoming extinct as they are now listed as vulnerable. Their habitat is in danger from over fishing and global warming.  Dublin Zoo is trying to breed some species in captivity so they don’t disappear from the world like the dinosaurs .

Seven pupils in 4th decided to take action. They made book marks and sold them to other 3rd and 4th class pupils. They raised over €160  and were able to sponsor four penguins in the Zoo. Dublin Zoo sent them four cuddly penguin toys as a thank you and one is sitting in the entrance hall with the trophies and other things we are very proud of.

We love to see children getting involved in the fight to save our planet.