Expression of Interest Form Information

Written on 12/27/2022
Mrs. Mac Donagh

Parents and/or guardians who wish to apply for a place for their child in Junior Infants 2023 should ensure they have completed  the Expression of Interest Form . This must be filled even if you already have a child already in our school. Please also ensure your child’s date of birth is entered correctly, (day, month, year)  and you select the correct year you are applying for. If you make a mistake we may not be able to rectify it once places are assigned.

Once you complete the form you will see an acknowledgement page giving your child’s reference number. We recommend you print this page and keep it for your records. Please note that the submission if this form is not a guarantee of a place.

In early  January we will email all applicants a request for further documentation.

If your child is already attending a primary school and seeks to transfer to our mainstream or autism classes this September 2023, please contact the school by emailing or phoning 8214040 to place their names on the waiting lists. We do not offer an online application form for transfer pupils. 

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