Goodbye to our friends!

Goodbye to Indie and Paddy who are finishing in St Brigid’s today and moving to a new schools and a new adventure.They’ve been great friends to all in Junior Infants and we wish them well.

Ukulele Band in 5th big thank you to Mr Lowery’s class who treated their Senior Infant buddies to a ukulele rendition of Baby Shark last Friday. Mr. Lowery has taught his class the ukulele this year.

Teddy Bears Picnic in Junior Infants

The children in Junior Infant’s brought their Teddy Bear’s on a picnic to the church green on Friday. In the hot sunshine of the longest day of the year, the children took great care of their teddies, ate their lunches and cakes and had great fun playing in the grass. Some visitors stopped by to say

Digital Art Project in Room 3

The children in Room 3 have been developing their digital skills creating digital art work as part of their STEM block over the last few weeks. Look out for pictures of boats, ice cream, sunny days, rainbows, flowers, trucks, hearts among many other lovely pictures!

Our Year in Junior Infants – Room 3

The children in Room 3 have been taking photographs of their activities all year long and have put them into a video for their Mum’s and Dad’s! Take a look below……

Jersey Day in Room 2

Room 2 enjoys their Jersey Day Lunch in our School Garden.The children from Ms Scanlon’s class enjoyed relaxing in our beautiful school garden for their lunch on Jersey Day. They explored their beautiful surroundings and soaked up a few rays of sunshine.

Junior Infants Tour 2019

Junior Infants went on a wonderful school tour to Newgrange Farm. The sun shone for them and they had so much fun exploring the farm. They met many of the animals who live on the farm and fed some of them. They played in the sand pit, the water area, the maze and on the toy tractors. The classes wen

Digital Art project – Junior Infants Room 1

The children in Room 1 have been creating themed digital art as part of their STEAM block in the computer room. You can see a selection of their work in the video below. Look out for some rainbows, flowers, farms, houses, ice cream, volcanoes and some beautiful abstract work!

Easter Egg Hunt in Junior Infants

Room 1 enjoyed searching for eggs in the school garden. Their buddies from ROOM 17 , 3rd class helped them out. They had a very egg-citing time and everyone was happy with their treats.

Growing seeds in Room 1

The children in room 1 planted cress seeds a few weeks ago and have been looking after and observing their plants as they have grown.The children took a photo each day to record the growth and have created a stop-motion video for you all to see! Take a look!

Junior Infant Parade: Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Junior Infants made St. Patrick’s Day hats this week and worked hard to learn the song ‘Lá ‘le Pádraig’.Today they held a parade on the school grounds, with instruments, banners and flags. They wore their hats with pride and sang their hearts out! Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig daoibh go léir! ]#

Engineers in Room 4

Room 4 were busy today recreating bridges- both old and modern! They used different materials to create arches and tunnels. Engineers in the making!

Getting Dressed for School

Junior Infants in Room 1 have been learning a really funny poem called ‘Getting Dressed for School’ by Ken Nesbitt. As a special treat, our buddies from Ms Dooley’s 3rd class came to visit today and helped their junior infant buddy to draw a picture of the character from the poem. The children had a

Learning about bridges in Junior Infants

The children in Ms. Ní Fhearghail’s class have been learning all about bridges. Today we went for a walk to look at some bridges in our locality. We also read the story of The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, looked at pictures of different bridges around the world, discussed what bridges are used for and

St. Brigid’s Day in Room 2

The children in Room 2 learned all about the life of Saint Brigid. Ms Scanlon and Ms. Moran with the help of the children made Saint Brigid crosses with rushes. The children designed their own Saint Brigid’s crosses. We read the story of Saint Brigid’s cloak and then created our own cloaks with mult

The Gingerbread Man

Junior Infants in room 1 read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man ‘ and have been busy acting out the story using stick puppets, making playdough shapes, drawing their own gingerbread man, sequencing the story, using the beebot to follow the gingerbread man and creating the Gingerbread Man’s getaway r

BeeBot Programming Senior Infants

See some photos from Ms. Doyle’s and Ms. Connolly’s Senior Infant classes programming with Bee Bot floor robots as part of our STEM initiative.rbt

Bee Bot Programming Senior Infants Ms. McGovern

The children in Ms. McGovern’s Senior Infants have been learning to code with Bee Bot floor robots. They are completing a variety of Maths, Literacy and computational thinking activities. Take a look at the slide show to see some photos and videos of the children at work.Take a look next week too as

Room 6 Nature Walk

The children in Room 6 went on a nature walk on Wednesday. They enjoyed crunching the autumn leaves with their feet in the beautiful sunshine. It was a great surprise to meet Fr. O’Connor on the way and the children were delighted to show him their leaf and bark rubbings.Room 6