Easter Egg Hunt in Junior Infants

Room 1 enjoyed searching for eggs in the school garden. Their buddies from ROOM 17 , 3rd class helped them out. They had a very egg-citing time and everyone was happy with their treats.

Growing seeds in Room 1

The children in room 1 planted cress seeds a few weeks ago and have been looking after and observing their plants as they have grown.The children took a photo each day to record the growth and have created a stop-motion video for you all to see! Take a look!

Junior Infant Parade: Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Junior Infants made St. Patrick’s Day hats this week and worked hard to learn the song ‘Lá ‘le Pádraig’.Today they held a parade on the school grounds, with instruments, banners and flags. They wore their hats with pride and sang their hearts out! Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig daoibh go léir! ]#

Engineers in Room 4

Room 4 were busy today recreating bridges- both old and modern! They used different materials to create arches and tunnels. Engineers in the making!

Getting Dressed for School

Junior Infants in Room 1 have been learning a really funny poem called ‘Getting Dressed for School’ by Ken Nesbitt. As a special treat, our buddies from Ms Dooley’s 3rd class came to visit today and helped their junior infant buddy to draw a picture of the character from the poem. The children had a

Learning about bridges in Junior Infants

The children in Ms. Ní Fhearghail’s class have been learning all about bridges. Today we went for a walk to look at some bridges in our locality. We also read the story of The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, looked at pictures of different bridges around the world, discussed what bridges are used for and

St. Brigid’s Day in Room 2

The children in Room 2 learned all about the life of Saint Brigid. Ms Scanlon and Ms. Moran with the help of the children made Saint Brigid crosses with rushes. The children designed their own Saint Brigid’s crosses. We read the story of Saint Brigid’s cloak and then created our own cloaks with mult

The Gingerbread Man

Junior Infants in room 1 read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man ‘ and have been busy acting out the story using stick puppets, making playdough shapes, drawing their own gingerbread man, sequencing the story, using the beebot to follow the gingerbread man and creating the Gingerbread Man’s getaway r

BeeBot Programming Senior Infants

See some photos from Ms. Doyle’s and Ms. Connolly’s Senior Infant classes programming with Bee Bot floor robots as part of our STEM initiative.rbt

Bee Bot Programming Senior Infants Ms. McGovern

The children in Ms. McGovern’s Senior Infants have been learning to code with Bee Bot floor robots. They are completing a variety of Maths, Literacy and computational thinking activities. Take a look at the slide show to see some photos and videos of the children at work.Take a look next week too as

Room 6 Nature Walk

The children in Room 6 went on a nature walk on Wednesday. They enjoyed crunching the autumn leaves with their feet in the beautiful sunshine. It was a great surprise to meet Fr. O’Connor on the way and the children were delighted to show him their leaf and bark rubbings.Room 6

Bee Bot programming: Senior Infants Mr. Lysaght

The children in Mr. Lysaght’s are the first Senior Infant class to work as programmers using Bee Bots this year. They are completing lots of programming and computational thinking challenges through maths and literacy activities. See some photos of the children at work below:

Digital Art in Junior Infants

The children in junior infants have been using the computers in the STEM room to create some beautiful art over the last few weeks. Take a look at some of their work in the video below.

Digital Art: Senior Infants Ms. McGovern

Take a look at the digital art created by Ms. McGovern’s class over the last few weeks.The children have been working with a variety of digital tools and online software to create digital art over the last few weeks. The worked in pairs to learn about using a mouse and a keyboard, creating 2d shapes

Lovely Hats

Look at all the lovely valentine head pieces in Senior Infans today!

Old Classroom

As part of our local history week, some classes visited the old classroom in the library to experience what school was like long ago. Here are some children from Junior Infants who found it very different from the colourful classroom they are used to .

Digital art: Senior Infants Ms. Doyle

Take a look at some of the beautiful digital art the children from Ms. Doyle’s Senior Infant class completed during their STEM block with Ms. O’Callaghan over the last two weeks.

A Chubby Snowman

We got a lovely surprise today when three Junior Infant pupils shared their “Chubby Snowman” poem with us. One of them even drew a picture.A little bit shy !Here he is !