Junior Infants Day 1

Tomorrow we start a little earlier.. Rooms 1 and 3 begin at 8:40 and rooms 2 and 4 begin at 9 am. Please use the same lines as this morning.Hometime is 11:50 for rooms 1 and 3 and 12:10 for 2 and 4. Collect from classroom doors.Apologies for the locked gate this afternoon. Here are a few photos of

Nature lovers in Junior Infants

The nature lovers in Junior Infants are spotting all kinds of amazing sights. Asher found giant mushrooms and Ethan spotted a wasp’s nest. Luckily it was abandoned.

Learning about ladybirds in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been learning all about ladybirds. But some of the pupils know really interesting facts. James told Ms. O’Connor that ladybirds have really bad eyesight and that’s why they have feelers. And did you know that bees fart???

Junior Infants work this week

This week the girls and boys in Junior Infants learned about hospitals and doctors. They read poems, coloured pictures, sang songs and even created hospitals and ambulances out of recyclable materials.They were so busy reading, writing and counting. Great learning at home!

Junior Infant work this week

This week the children from Junior Infants were using their senses to explore. They made Feely bags . They designed helmets and roads for Road and Bike safety. They practiced staying safe around water. Great work everyone!

Junior Infants: work at home this week

Junior Infants have been busy this week. We learned all about Our Senses and the story Handa’s Surprise. Here are some of the activities we have been doing at home.

BeeBot coding in Room 5

The children in Room 5 have been working with Bee Bot floor robots as part of their STEM block. They have learned how to give their robot instructions to follow a maze, explore a village, play snakes and ladders, move from shape to shape and even to to dance!!

Posting Santa Letters Room 4

Room 4 had a busy Monday this week. They went to the Post Office to post Santa letters , they visited the crib display and they also met a very important man…Santa

Santa’s Workshop

Room 4 are doing The Post Office/ Santa’s Workshop as their Aistear theme. They are wrapping presents, writing letters and cards, sending packages, making gingerbread houses, using playdough to create Christmas decorations and are having lots of fun!