Watch Juliette, who is in Senior Infants in our school, on Virgin Media news celebrating Autism Awareness Day 2021.She gives a fantastic sign off to the news report! Well done Juliette!I met Juliette today, and she gave the best sign-off to a report I've ever seen. You'll also hear her sing in this

Room 8: Learning at home

We are so impressed with all the learning that the children in Room 8 are doing during this lockdown. See a selection of their work in the video below.Well done Room 8!

Junior Infants Room 2

The boys and girls from Room 2 were very busy last week. They went on sound hunts for ‘e’, ‘c’, ‘k’, and ‘n’ words, came up with and wrote out ‘at’ words and practiced their writing so beautifully. They did lots of maths activities in their maths book, on MathsSeeds and through games they played wit

A special message from Santa Claus…..

Santa returned to St. Brigid’s on Wednesday morning to visit the boys and girls from the even classes.He has a special message for all the children that you can listen to below……

Santa visit to the odd classes

We had a very exciting, socially-distanced visit from Santa Claus to the school on Tuesday. He told us all about his busy preparations in the North Pole. He especially enjoys his visits to St. Brigid’s as his reindeers can go to visit their Irish cousins in the Phoenix park. Santa is back in our s

Science Week in Room 4 #scienceweek2020

Room 4 had a very busy week this week!Take a look at some of their science experiments: Dancing Raisins, Lava Lamps, Coke and Mentos Explosions, Static Electricity with Balloons, Gummy Bears Experiment, Making Levers, Ramps and Surfaces, Drawing Insects, Fire: Oxygen v Carbon Dioxide and Floating

Science Week in Room 3 #scienceweek2020

The children in Room 3 Junior Infants have been very busy for Science Week 2020. They completed five activities focusing on floating and sinking, levers and pulleys, ramps, materials and friction, analysing insects and investigating how a candle need O2 to stay lit.

Science Week in Room 1 #scienceweek2020

Science week is a little different this year in our school unfortunately but there are lots of exciting activities and experiments still going on in class!Take a look at what the children in Room 1 have been learning about this week. Working in stations they have explored objects that float or sink.

EU Code week in St. Brigids’s #codeweek

Some of the children in Senior Infants, 3rd and 6th class took part in EU code week.The children were coding in their pods with Bee Bot floor robots, the Rainforest coding adventure game and using code builder with Minecraft Education.EU Code Week is a initiative which aims to bring coding and dig

Junior Infants Day 1

Tomorrow we start a little earlier.. Rooms 1 and 3 begin at 8:40 and rooms 2 and 4 begin at 9 am. Please use the same lines as this morning.Hometime is 11:50 for rooms 1 and 3 and 12:10 for 2 and 4. Collect from classroom doors.Apologies for the locked gate this afternoon. Here are a few photos of

Nature lovers in Junior Infants

The nature lovers in Junior Infants are spotting all kinds of amazing sights. Asher found giant mushrooms and Ethan spotted a wasp’s nest. Luckily it was abandoned.

Learning about ladybirds in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been learning all about ladybirds. But some of the pupils know really interesting facts. James told Ms. O’Connor that ladybirds have really bad eyesight and that’s why they have feelers. And did you know that bees fart???