FUSE Anti Bullying Program

Written on 02/06/2022
Mrs. Mac Donagh

This week to coincide with Safer Internet Day we are launching the FUSE Anti Bullying Program with pupils from 3rd class up. The FUSE Primary Anti-Bullying and Online Safety Programme was developed by the Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) at Dublin City University and is the first research based Anti-Bullying and Online Safety Programme in Ireland

We are delighted to be a partner school with DCU Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) delivering the FUSE Anti-Bullying & Online Safety Programme to our students.

In line with FUSE recommendations, we support the UNESCO Whole Education Approach in tackling Bullying and Online Safety in our school, which is led by our students and where their voices are valued and heard.

Here are some of the key takeaways children will learn  on the FUSE Programme

  • How to spot the signs of bullying both online and offline – RECOGNISE
  • How to take personal responsibility safely – RESPOND
  • How to “break the silence” – REPORT

Teaching this program specifically will help children understand what bullying is and also make them more reactive to any incidents of bullying they may witness or experience.  The program aims to  empower children to develop initiatives that will raise awareness and tackle bullying wherever they experience or witness it.  We hope it will also prompt discussions between parents and children at home.