Attendance Figures

We share our attendance figures with An Tusla twice a year. If your child misses more that 20 days we are obligated to report this. 20 days missed is nearly a month of school. It is important that we know the reason for any absences so we can include this in any report we make.Our best month this ye

Slapped Cheek Syndrome

We have had a confirmed case in Junior Infants. This syndrome is a mild but very contagious illness and usually presents in 5/6 year olds , It is however a more concerning for people with low immune systems or pregnant women. Please read the letter here.

Common Childhood Illnesses

[trx_table style=”1″ size=”medium” align=”center”]IllnessSymptomsWhat to do Fever100.4°F or38°C Stay home, must be fever free for 24 hours before returning HeadacheIf the child can’t do normal activities Stay home VomitingMore than twice in 24 hours or if diarrhoea also Stay home until 24 hours afte

Too Sick for School ?

When is a child too sick for school? There are three key reasons to keep a child home from schoolFever over 100.4 degrees F or 38° CThe child may have a contagious illness or rash.The child is not well enough to participate in class.[trx_image url=”12190″ bottom=”20″]Some Tips from An Túsla• The ave

Attendance Policy

Click the banner for more infoAttendance Policy Introduction:While there is a strong tradition of good attendance in our school, changing social habits and patterns require us to monitor attendance and to put strategies in place to counter act poor or irregular attendance.Aims and Objectives:Our aim